The management of water resources is one of the major challenges we will be facing over the next few decades. The growth in urban development, together with industrialisation and the development of irrigation are increasing the demand for water.
The desired improvement in water quality means that increasingly effective products will have to be used.
The aim of distributors is to produce water that complies with existing legislation (regulations), using approved processes.

SNF’s range of flocculants and coagulants covers all global market requirements. These products have been approved by numerous governmental authorities for use within the scope of established standards.

SNF has developed polymers which suit to all types of treatment, from production of drinking water to sludge dewatering.
Thanks to SNF’s local distributors and technical teams, customers are assured an optimal selection of suitable reagents and technical follow-up.


The major challenge of the coming  decades 
As a result of urban development, growing industrialization and large-scale irrigation, ever-increasing amounts of water are needed. Wastewater treatment, drinking water production and industrial water recycling have therefore become central to ensuring the world’s sustainable development and the well-being of the planet’s population. Therefore, effective solutions and responses tailored to match individual operating conditions are needed. 


SNF has maintained a strong position in the water treatment sector since day one. To meet the needs of this ever-growing market, we have developed a product range of more than 1000 organic coagulants and flocculants, which we are constantly expanding and fine-tuning. 
With more than 50 regional subsidiaries, SNF’s technical teams are able to offer their services all around the world. They select the polymers most suited to our clients’ needs and provide local follow-up and support. 

Our Products 

Our products now cover all the requirements of the global market, from drinking water production to sludge dewatering. They are approved by a number of governments and meet local standards in more than 130 countries. 


A range of cutting-edge polyacrylamides and high-performance flocculants.


A range of organic and inorganic coagulants.


Heavy metal chelators.


Anti-odorants and anti-H2S reagents.


Dispersants and anti-scalants.


A range of silicone and non-silicone anti-foams.