Water is essential to the paper industry, where it is used to transport cellulosic fibers and mix them with other components. Increased paper and water recycling practices place a heavier burden on improvement of chemistries used to maintain paper and board quality.


When paper is recycled multiple times, larger amounts of chemicals have to be used to maintain the performance levels of the machine and the paper.



SNF is constantly developing new products to counter the problems associated with starch with a view to keeping up to speed with the technological developments in the paper industry and lowering the use of virgin fibers and tree-felling.



A range of water-soluble polymers designed to improve the water holding capacity, drainage and operation of machines.



A range of synthetic agents designed to improve the physical properties of paper (dry strength and temporary wet strength).¬¬¬¬


SNF produces a complete range of hydro soluble polymers specifically designed to handle all the problems occurring in the wet end stages of the paper-making process:

  • Productivity ( Drainage, retention)
  • Clarification and recycling of process water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Neutralization of colloids and coated broke, anionic trash catcher
  • Dyes fixation
  • Cationic promoter for alkaline size

These products help increase runnability, protect the environment through water savings while reducing overall costs.

SNF also offers to its strategic partners a full range of synthetic agents to impart dry strength properties as well as temporary wet strength.

Its range of application covers recycled paper as well as virgin fibers bleached and unbleached for packaging, fine paper and tissue.

SNF laboratories are constantly developing new products to match the specific needs and challenge of the paper-making industry.