Injection Resins

Resins are one of the most widely used materials used for injection works.

Resins have different properties, responding to imperatives that cement silicate or other materials cannot achieve.

·     Low viscosity for thin cracks or sands

·     High mechanical resistance

·     Adjustable gelling time, from a few seconds to several hours


Resins are used either for soil consolidation where high penetration is required or for waterproofing jobs where fast gel formation is required to stop leakage.




SNF supplies resins under the FLOSET GEL brand name.

They can either be Acrylate or Acrylamide based resins, both are bi-component systems.



Part A: FLOSET GEL + Accelerator

Part B: Water or additives + Catalyst


Both accelerator and catalyst are adjusted within the range of 0.5% to 5.0%.

Blending part A to part B (ratio 1:1) results in a gel formation with good adhesion on concrete.

The resulting gel achieves variable consistencies and can absorb water when immersed, or shrink slowly under dry conditions.

The recommended equipment is a simple bi-component pump.